Explore a world of Poly-bilities

PolyLinx™ sets an exciting new level in the world of imaginative design. It’s unique patent pending Hinge-Hub™ allows builders of all ages to design with ‘any angle’, fashioning countless new structures and shapes previously impossible with other construction sets.

Photos of shapes you can create using PolyLinx toys

With a growing wide range of parts: mix & match hub pieces, struts, panels, and add-ons, PolyLinx can be used in the design of from simple and complex polyhedra, to architecture, space ships or kinetic monsters. Compatible with K’NEX®, PolyLinx enables users to create classic forms or invent their own. Driving fun, inventive play, it enhances learning and enriches the play-time experience. PolyLinx lets loose the inner engineer of users ages 7 and up.*