Let loose your inner engineer

About PolyBuilder Systems

Polybuilder Systems is a start-up enterprise focused on designing innovative, interactive construction toys for use in both personal and educational settings. At this time, we are looking for a toy industry manufacturer that understands the opportunity PolyLinx provides to gain market share in the growing construction toy market.

Space Cruiser

The Market

  • Construction toys leading toy market growth – this segment doubled between 2003 and 2011
  • US “Hub & Strut” construction toy market held by a few major products in $70-100 mln range, many small players
  • An excellent opportunity for the right manufacturer to gain significant market share in this segment

PolyLinx™, our first product to be released, features the unique Hinge-Hub™, a patent-pending design that allows for new degrees of functionality and flexibility.  PolyLinx has unparalleled potential for creating new and exciting structures that are not possible with other construction toys.

Regarding the PolyLinx Intellectual Property:

  • Utility Patent filed 2010 on key Hinge-Hub™ design
  • International Patent protection filed 2011
  • Provisional Patent filed on amazing new parts Feb 2012

PolyLinx stimulates creative and systematic thinking, problem solving, and discovery. Through fun, inventive play, it enhances learning and enriches experience for people of all ages.